How to Use the True North Wellness Collection

July 06, 2020 3 min read

How to Use the True North Wellness Collection

Let’s face it wanderlusting can be exhausting.  Between jet lag, germy surfaces, and travel stressors, our bodies can easily succumb. The True North Collection is a wellness collection that is a result of a travel routine that I’ve built over the years.  I wanted an assortment of soothing, convenient, and natural products that would ease the stress of travel, helping me find greater peace in the journey.   The result is this uniquely curated collection of products that have become invaluable in helping me to maintain optimal health both during and after my travels.  Here’s how I use them:  

During Travel

A prepared traveler is a wise traveler so I keep these go-to essentials prepacked in my carryon.  They are also available in our convenient TSA compliant Traveling Tranquility gift set. 

Traveling Tranquility

Odyssey Oil – an essential oil concoction that relieves congestion, anxiety, and provides aromatherapy relief.  I generally apply this to my wrists and temples while awaiting boarding and may reapply as needed throughout my flight.  In the rare event that  I'm at T minus 5 seconds from a full travel meltdown, I roll the oil onto my palm, rub my hands together, and then cup my hands over nose and mouth, while taking deep breaths.  While it is designed for travel, you’ll find that this oil is great for everyday use. 

Pura Vida –  travel surfaces are a haven for germs.  I give my immune system a fighting chance by spraying and wiping down tray tables, handles, monitors, hotel remotes, phones, and thermostats.  I use the sanitizing gel by applying to my hands, rubbing, and allowing them to air dry. 

Thrive – I spray this magnesium oil directly onto any tired or sore parts of my body and then gently rub it in.  This is also great to apply on your stomach or the soles of your feet if you are having trouble sleeping. 

Sun Salutations – A hot shower is my instant reset.  I spray this into a steaming shower, and it helps me to feel invigorated and decongested.  I also use this as an aromatherapy spray if I’m in a stuffy hotel room or I need a quick pick me up. 

Moonlight Mist – A few quick sprays on your pillow and bed linens will help you to relax and have a restful night’s sleep. 

CocoHoney Lip Conditioner – The dry air on planes tends to wreak havoc on my lips.  I use this throughout my travels to keep my lips moisturized and soft. 

Traveling Tranquility

After Travel

I am pretty obsessed with my skincare so I make sure to pack travel sizes of the products in my regime so that I remain consistent during my travels.  However, I've come to learn that while I love to travel, my skin clearly does not and it never fails to make me acutely aware of this with either a breakout or extreme dryness upon our return.  To keep the peace, I pamper her from head to toe and she seems to be okay until the next adventure.  Whenever possible, I try to build in an extra day into my itinerary to allow myself a “mini-vacation from my vacation”, mostly to allow my mind and body to reacclimate and recover.   My after travel care routine incorporates the following: 

Lotus LoveSweet Surrender Body Scrubs – Exfoliation allows your skin to renew by unclogging pores, clearing toxins, and boosting circulation.  It’s essentially a deep cleansing breath for the body.  Lotus Love is a powerful sea salt-based scrub while Sweet Surrender is a more gentle and effective coffee and sugar-based scrub.  I alternate between the two.

Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub – Lips need exfoliation love too.  This one gently removes dead skin, to reveal smooth hydrated lips.  Follow with your CoCo Honey Lip Conditioner

Champagne Aura Healing Soak – Recenter your body and spirit with a 20-minute full-body or foot soak.  It is a restorative combination of magnesium salts, minerals, botanicals, and essential oils.  This is also great for soothing any lingering aching or tired muscles after more adventurous travel.  

So, as you can see, I am not only the creator of True North but I’m also a faithful client.  While inspired by travel, all the products can and should be used as part of a regular self-care routine.   I hope that you will incorporate and love these products as much as we do.  Shop the full True North by Inspiced collection here.

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