The TNTW mission is to support you in living your most vibrant, whole, and authentic life via a holistic wellness approach.  Each of us has a unique centering point, connected to our purpose, known as our True North.  While most of us have an inherent desire to find our True North, we may find a shortage of resources and knowledge that support our awakening.  Our goal is to wholly support our clients in their journey to aligning with their True North with thoughtfully created products, safe spacesand sacred experiences.  

TNTW Ideals

We prioritize wellness.
We respect our bodies.
We create community.
We act with kindness.
We practice self care.
We seek knowledge.
We show gratitude.
We find the beauty.
We are mindful.
We respect life.
We remember.
We give back.
We live fully.
We uplift.
We love. 
We align.