Aerial Yoga Flow w/ Ronda

Aerial Flow explores traditional yoga poses with the incorporation of a silk hammock as a prop. Elevate your practice with this fun, upbeat class that is designed as an all-around workout that encourages a sense of freedom and weightlessness. The hammock eases tension in the spine and joints, builds core and upper body strength, increases flexibility and balance, and allows for deeper access to traditional poses. This class incorporates inversions, climbs, and safe drops in the hammock hung at hip height. It is suitable for all levels of practitioners and there are no shape, size, or age limitations.** 

Aerial Flow classes are held at the Southwest Atlanta Yoga Studio on Sundays at 2:00 pm. Sign up for in-studio classes here.

* Our aerial suspension system is professionally installed and tested by mechanical engineers to hold a minimum of 2200 pounds with a 3000-pound breakpoint. The silk hammocks are designed to completely support the entire body and to hold a minimum of 350 pounds.

** Students experiencing heart disease, high blood pressure, vertigo, glaucoma, or pregnancy should consult their physician before attempting inversions.